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SANN: JSSF JSMM Mebership Camp

JSSF JSMM commemorated the 22nd Death Anniversary of Sain GM Syed

Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM) organized a membership and public opinion camp at Sann on the occasion of 22nd death anniversary of Sain GM Syed, to spread awareness about the statutory sentence of capital punishments to its Chairman Hafeez Pirzado, activist Asif Baat and enforced disappearances of its activists and collective rights of Sindhi students. Keep Reading


JSSF commemorates Sayed on his 113th Birth Anniversary

Jeay Sindh Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM) commemorated Sain GM Sayed on his 113th birth anniversary. Sain GM Sayed is the founding father and ideologue for the separate secular democratic socialist homeland “Sindhudesh” for Sindhis. His birth anniversary has been commemorated by various Sindhi nationalist parties on 17th of January each year. In 1970’s Sayed… Keep Reading


Safe release and recovry of student leaders demanded

Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation Badin chapter rallied to protest the Pakistani Court’s decision to sentence a term of 37 years in prison to the Sindhi nationalist students’ leader, JSSF JSMM Chairman, Mr. Hafeez Pirzado, term of 21 years term to Asif Baat (a 10th-grade student) and judicial trail of JSSF (JSMM) activist Zafar Nohani. They… Keep Reading


Students celebrated 31st March “Sindhudesh” day across Sindh

Jeay Sindh Students Federation (JSMM) celebrated 31st March ”Sindhudesh” day across Sindh. Seminars, conferences & political gatherings were held on the occasion of “Sindhudesh” day. JSSF JSMM marks 31st March as “Sindhudesh” day. On 31 March 1972 Sain G.M Syed extracted his whole political experience in the form of a demand for a separate country… Keep Reading


Extrajudicial killing?: Missing leader of banned outfit found dead

The bullet-riddled body of a student of Sindh University, who was also a leader of banned outfit Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), was found in Larkana on Wednesday. Asif Panhwar, 23, was allegedly whisked away by police and plain-clothed men from Hyderabad on August 15. The separatist party has announced a 10-day mourning period. Mourning… Keep Reading


Girls protest against enforced disappearances

Girls student protested against enforced disappearance of Sindhi activists, Pakistani armed forces threatens them for rustication. The girl students of Sindh University held protest demonstration against enforced disappearance of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM) activists particularly Asif Panhwar and others as well as rest of the disappeared activists of the Sindhi nationalist parties. Daily Awami Awaz… Keep Reading


Female students marched against enforced disappearance of JSSF activist

Female students held a protest demonstration and march in Jamshoro against the detention of JSSF activist Asif Panhwar’s detention. JSMM ‘s stutdetn wing, Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation’s girls marched against illegal abduction of JSSF (JSMM) Secretary General of University of Sindh; Mr. Asif Panhwar; Student of 4th year BS.Telecom, who was abduct by cops of ISI on… Keep Reading

Sadam Jatoi

PPP terrorists open fire: 4 activists of JSSF injured

Four activists of Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation (JSMM) were wounded when they were attacked by armed activists of Peoples students Federation, a student wing of Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarian. One student Sadam Jatoi got serious wounds when the bullet fired by the attackers hit his neck. Chairman JSSF (JSMM) Mr. Hafeez Pirzado condemned the incident.… Keep Reading


MUET Authorities Approved Students’ Demands

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in its new academic session 2013 – 2014 had cancelled the reserved seats for Sukkur division and allocated same seats in its Khairpur Campus, due to that policy the students of MUET Sukkur division were not able to enter the main campus of MUET Jamshoro. Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation ( JSMM… Keep Reading


‘Police terrorism in MUET’ Condemned

Scores of Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation (JSMM) workers marched from Zero point to Admission block to protest against police terrorism and corruption in the academic institute. Student’s wing of the separatists Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz and workers of PPP-SB marched today from Zero point to Admission block to protest against police terrorism and corruption in… Keep Reading

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