The Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation abbreviated as JSSF, is the student wing of various separatist organizations struggling for freedom of Sindhudesh following the ideology of G.M Sayed, founded in 1969.  JSSF was a nationalist outfit which emerged from Anti-Unitary System Struggle in late 1960’s and later joined GM Sayed in his ideology of a separate homeland for Sindhis in 1972. Since then, it has been working as the students’ front of the Jeay Sindh or Sindhudesh movement. The designated flag of Sindhudesh movement was proposed by JSSF and was later adopted as the emblem of Sindhudesh Movement in the manifesto of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (The Forefront of the Sindhudesh Movement founded by G.M Sayed). JSSF is working for the rights of Sindhi students and is also an active front for the ongoing struggle for the freedom of Sindhudesh from Pakistan. “An Independent state of Sindhudesh”, “Secularism”, “Nationalism” and “Better Education – Better Politics” are the slogans of JSSF.