Martyr Afzal Panhwar

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Martyr Afzal Panhwar

  • Name: Afzal Panhwar
  • Fathers’ Name: Munawar Panhwar
  • Place of Birth: Dadu
  • Education: Graduate Bio-Chemistry

Afzal Panhwar worked as the President of Jeay Sindh Students’ Federation [JSSF-JSMM], at University of Sindh Chapter. He was abducted and enforcedly disappeared on June 26th, 2011 and was kept in the illegal detention of 11 months, 16 days and was thrown in a very lethal condition on June 11, 2012, near Naukot city.

He was elected as the Central Vice Chairman of JSSF (JSMM) and also appointed as a member of JSMM’s coordination committee.

He was abducted again on August 13th, 2015 and was inhumanly tortured, breaking his arms and then taking him to an abandoned area near Kotri town of Jamshoro District. He was extra-judicially killed in a fake encounter by firing 5 shots of AK47 in the presence of media, on the same day.

He was buried in the graveyard of Sann beside the grave of Saen G.M. Sayed, according to his will.