Stop Influx of Outsiders in Sindh

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The influx of Panjabi, Pakhtoon, Hazara and Pothohar’s  is on the continuous rise in Sindh; it is not a new phenomenon, but this has continued unabated since the decades with the full patronage of the ruling class and Panjabi establishment. But now, this has grown to a cancerous level it has given birth to various national, social, cultural and political problems in Sindh by triggering a dangerous demographic change in the Sindh tending to convert Sindhis in the minority in their national homeland.

Alien labor and managements have flooded the Badin oil field, coal reserves and the gas fields beside the already occupied Steel Mill, Port Qasim, K.P.T site industrial area, Nooriabad, Kotri, Ghotki, Daharki, Kashmor and all of such other projects. The Zulifiquarabad project is nothing but a ploy to control Sindh’s agriculture land, industrial sector, forest and other deposits and also capture the rich coastline leading to the complete colonization of Sindh. The military operation in the tribal belt and FATA, Malakand, Waziristan has brought hundreds of thousand of Pakhtoon IDPs from those areas, settled in Karachi, Hyderabad. These migrants have arranged ID cards and did vote as well in Sindh. This exploitation and occupation of our resources and jobs, which has created a highly volatile situation and accelerating the pace and volume of lawlessness, sectarian conflicts and terrorism in this peaceful secular land. It is an alarming situation and this proportion if allowed unchecked to function freely shall ultimately tend to diminish and convert the Sindhi nation into a minority status which shall never be acceptable to the Sindhi nation, come what may. All sort of democratic resistance methods shall be applied to stop all this filth and squalor to step on this soil no matter. The entire international community is also requested by the Sindhi people to consider this issue as a breach of fundamental human rights of a nation.

UNO, International court of justice at Hauge, European Union, and Amnesty International should not remain silent over this gruesome tragedy. It is the incumbent duty of every Sindhi, all the political parties, Cultural groups, Literary Organizations to stop this outsider influx and migration towards Sindh, while the resources of Sindh are drying out of this economic burden. It is high time for the Sindhi nation to stand against all such invasions and stop such illegal usurpation of their national rights.

Hafeez Pirzado is the chairman of Jeay Sindh Students' Federation.